Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to create a Contactsheet with #Photoshop

In a previous post we wrote about how to make a contact sheet in Lightroom. It'll probably come as no surprise that you can do this in Photoshop too! A contact sheet can be a powerful tool to present your work to for example a client. 

This is how it works:
Go to File > Automate >Contact Sheet II

A new pop screen appears
  • Select the photos from a folder of a file 
  • Choose the size of the document and the settings of the document

    The options 'flatten all layers' gives you the possibility to create one flat image or 1 image with each photo on his own layer. 
  • Choose the number of rows and columns. The option use auto spacing is something I turned off because in that case your pictures are very close together. If you ask me it's better to decide for yourself what the space between the pictures should be.

  • And you can choose the filename as a caption
When you are done click OK. 

Depending on the number of pictures and the number of rows and columns, Photoshop will create one of more Contactsheets.

The handy thing with having all on its own layer is that you can easily change the name of the files. 

In the end you can save the Contactsheet as a .Jpeg or, even better, as a PDF presentation
(File > Automate > PDF presentation)

The pdf is very easy and can be mailed to your client. There you have it, your very own contact sheet created with Photoshop!

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