Thursday, May 19, 2016

How to change a background of a portrait in Photoshop

Sometimes it can be so handy to be able to change the background in a portrait. Or any picture for that matter. But this post is about changing the background in portrait shots. 

Like with many other things in Photoshop, there is more than one way to do this. 

One is use a texture and move (V) it to this picture. Enlarge the texture so that it fits. Then you can mask out the part where you don't want the effect and use a blending mode like overlay.

You also can add a black layer mask and paint it in with a white brush where you want to have the effect. This is just one way to the job

Then, the second way of achieving this is to open the image of the portrait. Then make a selection with the quick selection tool (W) and refine the edges. Choose a layer with a layer mask as output. Then move the texture to the picture of the portait. Move the layer (V) under the layer with the layer mask.

You can make your background lighter or darker by selecting it and opening the levels (Cmd L)

Two relatively easy ways to change the background in your portrait images. 

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