Saturday, August 22, 2015

Tutorial / sports photography: Fjällmarathon Bydalsfjällen

There's so many incredibly cool sports events in this part of Scandinavia, that sometimes it's really difficult to choose. After an awesome, be it slightly overcast and chilly, day at the AXA Fjällmarathon in Trillevallen, we chose to go to its sister event in Bydalsfjällen today. The 50K runners started at 8AM and the 22K runners soon after that. 

Summer started here in Jämtland about a week ago, so the runners in today's fjällmarathon had a really hot day. With a clear blue sky, rather harsh light and about 24 degrees Celsius up on the fjäll, we also had an interesting set of conditions to work with. 

When shooting sports, I prefer to stay as low as possible. Shooting from a low position gives more impact to your shots. This picture I shot with my 24-70 mm 2.8 USM Canon lens.  

And sometimes you just have to be lucky. I mean, when a guy is half way running his 50K race and he can jump this high, you count yourself lucky you're there and ready with your camera! Settings where F4 and a shutterspeed of around 1000/ 1250 with an ISO of 100.

Good to have a change of venue, point of view, every once in a while when you're shooting to get different images. 

But let's face it: it's the athletes that really make the picture. Only a couple of quick adjustments in Lightroom where made to these pictures, no more than a couple of minutes per picture. 

Curious to see more? Check out our Photoshelter gallery for the rest of the pictures. 

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