Friday, August 21, 2015

Tutorial / Photoshop: lightening the eyes

A quickie today: a few tips for lightening eyes in Photoshop. 
  1. It all starts with opening the photo in Photoshop.   
  2.  Next is to add a level adjustment layer: 
  3. You'll get this drop down menu: 
  4. Lighten the image (mind you, you're lightening the entire image here) 
  5. Then add a layer mask and lighten the eyes.
    So make sure you add a black layer mask (or invert the white one). And then paint over the eyes to ligthen them with a small soft brush (flow around 20).
Voila! In just a couple easy steps, you've lightened the eyes of the model in this picture. 
Mind you, this is ofcourse not the only way to lighten eyes. There's plenty of more possibilities (for example with the local adjustment brush in Lightroom). This is just the way that I use most. 

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