Sunday, September 25, 2016

Here's an easy way to replace a sky in Photoshop

Sometimes you just want the sky in your image to be a bit more... well I guess exciting is the word I'm looking for. Even though a nice blue sky is a nice blue sky, in a picture it usually works better with a bit more going on in the sky. And let me tell you: replacing a sky is very easy in Photoshop. 

1. Select the sky you want to replace
2. Invert the selection (Select > Inverse
3. Put the selection on his own Layer Ctrl or Cmd J
4. Drag the new sky over the image and make it fit using Ctrl or Cmd T
5. Drag the new sky under the layer of step 3

In this case I added some reflections of the clouds into the sky. I made the top of the sky a little darker and lightened up the photo with a Levels adjustment layer. 

And voila: this is the end result: I think replacing the sky made the picture a whole lot more interesting. 

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