Thursday, February 18, 2016

Cleaning up made fun

A really easy and fast way to clean up a picture is using the patch tool (J). 

When selecting Shift, you can choose another option in the J tool list.

It's practical, easy to use and the results are great. When you know how to use it. Here goes: 
Select the area you want to remove and replace it with another part by moving you mouse or pen to another area. I'm starting  with this picture and want to remove the balloons on the left by using the patch tool. 

Select the patch tool and draw a circle round a balloon and drag the selection to another part of the picture.
Do the same with the second balloon. Photoshop replaces both balloons based on the content aware algorithm. Use Cmd D to undo the selections (Ctrl D on Windows). And voila! With these 2 simple actions the balloons are gone

Ofcourse you can also use the Spot healing brush tool or the good old Stamp tool to remove the balloons. But if you ask me, this patch tool is way smoother and easier to work with. Then again, when the area you'd like to clean up is a bit more complicated, you can use a combination of tools.

Another example where I used a combination of tools, but I started with using the patch tool 

I also did some colour corrections with the Camera Raw Filter.

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