Thursday, November 26, 2015

Great tip for portrait and glamour shots: how to create bigger eyes in Photoshop

For portrait and glamour shots it can work really well to give more attention to the eyes. Let me tell you it's very easy to do just that in Photoshop: making the eyes pop in your image. 
  1. Select the image, in this case I used an image from Pixabay
  2. Pick the Lasso tool (L) and draw a line around the left eye
  3. Hit Ctrl or CMD J to put it on its own separate layer
  4. Select the background and draw a line around the right eye
  5. Hit Ctrl or CMD J to put it on its own (second) separate layer. Now you've got both eyes on their own layer. 
  6. Select the left eye and hit Ctrl or Cmd T for the free transform tool. Make the eye a little bit bigger (holding Shift and Option)
  7. Select the right eye and repeat step 6
And voila! That's it, there's our model with slightly bigger eyes. It's a subtle change as I'm a fan of keeping it natural. 

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