Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How to create a template in Photoshop

I love Photoshop. You've got so many possibilities! One of the great things is to create templates with Photoshop. For example for when you're making a magazine, a book or a brochure. Let me tell you how it works. 

First of all: create a new document with Cmd N (use Ctrl on Window).

So now I have this empty white image where I can start my design: where to put the images, where to have text. 

Go to View > New Guide Layout. In this pop up you can make your basis design. Choose the number of rows and colums and choose the space you want between them. You can also choose a margin around the design.

Click Ok when finished.

Next is to decide where to have the text and images in the picture. I'll start with the images by using the retangle tool (U).  I added it with a foreground that's grey

It's pretty much up to you what object you use for your images. A rectangle is pretty basic.
By selecting the move tool and holding the option key (alt on windows) you can duplicate the rectangles. 

When you have placed all the rectangles in the template you've got to convert them to a smart object. Ctrl Click on the first rectangle and choose  'Convert to smart object'.

Last thing to do is to group all the rectangles (images). Select all of them and hit Cmd G. Rename the group to images.

Now I'm ready to place the text blocks in the template. Use the Text tool (T) to create text blocks. To fill it with dummy text go to Type > Paste Lorem Ipsum.   

Select all the text and group it using Cmd G. 

There you have it: all the basics are set in your template. Ofcourse you can carry on designed to your hearts content, it's all up to you! 

Using Cmd H you can view the result without the guide lines.

Don't forget to save the template as a PSD.

Voila! There is the template that can be used over and over again, filling it with the desired content. I will touch upon the latter in a future post. 

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