Monday, October 26, 2015

Marketing and theft protection?

You might think it crazy or unwise, but I usually don't use watermarks in my pictures. Why not you might ask? Well, B&H have written a good blog about the pros and cons of the use of watermarks. 

Sometimes it is actually quite useful to have a watermark in your picture and then it's good to know how to do it: 

1. Open a new document: 

2. Design your logo (and crop it): 

3. Save as Brush Preset: Edit > Define Brush Preset and give it a name. 

Voila! You've now created your very own watermark! It's ready to be used in any of your images in Photoshop: 
  1. Open and edit your picture
  2. Choose a brush (B) and choose the brush you created (in my case its brush 2212)

  3. Add the brush to the pictures.  You can change and color like a normal Brush. Best is to add the watermark on a new layer. Its easier to move it around.
If your not satiesfied with the logo, it's real easy to remove the brush. Just hit the B to open the brush. Pick the brush and click on it with the CTRL tool. Then remove it.

Have a go, design your own watermark, play around with it and see what works for you. So whenever the need arises, you'll have no trouble at all to add your watermark to your images. 

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