Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Making a choice: colour or B/W?

I guess it's safe to say that I really like colour in my pictures. 

But more and more I'm seeing the beauty in B/W. Like I said in a previous blogpost, I usually go B/W on an overcast day. But with getting into streetphotography a bit more these days, I'm really starting to like B/W there too! 

Then again, you can take my word for it, but what it all comes down to is a matter of taste. 

The colour image has a completely different look and feel to the B/W version. For me it is like B/W draws you into the image whereas the colours in the second image kind of distract. 

And again, with the images below from a street scene in Trondheim (Norway), the colour image has a lot going on in the image. Too much for my taste. I really like the simplicity of the B/W version. 

Since I started using Tonality from MacPhun, I find myself doing a lot more B/W. I just love the way Tonality works. It's easy to use, with the presets and the possibility to work with layers. And the results are just great. Did I already mention that Tonality is compatible with Lightroom? 

This is another example of an image I converted to B/W using Tonality. Added a few radial filters in Lightroom and I blurred the background so all the focus is on the young man, the main subject of the image. 

Then again, B/W is not always an option... 

Or is it? 

So dare to be creative, explore! Convert your images to B/W and see what comes of it.  

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