Thursday, April 21, 2016

How to create a vintage look in Photoshop

How to give your image the look and feel of an old picture? 

In this post we create a vintage look in just a few easy steps.

So what do you need to create a vintage look? 
  1. Image of a person with an equal background
  2. Image of a old paper. There are lots of them on the net (look for 'old paper texure')
Open your image

Open the image of the texture:

Move (V) the texture with the move tool to the image of the person. Most of the times the texture is smaller then the image. So make it bigger using the Transform tool (Cmd/ Ctrl T)

If you want to use a bigger texture you can make it yourself by shooting pictures of old paper, paint or other textures around you.

Now your texture has the same size as your image. Next is to change the blending mode to Multiply or Linear Burn.

You can reduce the Opacity of the layer or/and mask part of the picture out where you don't want the effect.

You can do the same proces when your subject is against a black background. Move your texture and make it fit. Then invert it using Cmd/ Ctrl T.  Then set the blending mode to something like screen.

A completely new look and feel for your images in just a few easy steps. I hope you have fun with trying this out!

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By the way, I work on a Mac so where I say Cmd it's Ctrl on a Windows machine and the pictures I used in this post are from

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