Thursday, January 28, 2016

New feature in Lightroom and Camera Raw! Boundary Warp

Exciting news y'all! In the latest Lightroom and Camera Raw update there's this new feature called Boundary Warp. 

What is it and how to use it. Read on and you'll find out all about it. 
So often when you do panoramashots, there's white spaces around the edges of the pictures. Before you had to either crop your image or fill these areas in Photoshop. Enter: Boundary Warp! When creating a panorama with shooting lots of images and stitching them together in Photoshop (Photo > Photomerge > Panorama), you'll now have the opportunity to use the Boundary Warp tool.

Boundary Warp is the magical tool that'll try to fix the whitespaces in your panorama, add the edges of the picture and automatically stretch the warped edges to yield a perfectly smooth border. Just drag the slider to the right to see the effect and see what amount fits best for your panorama. Give it a go and experiment with it. We totally think this is a great addition to Lightroom! 

This clip might also be helpful for you. 

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