Friday, November 20, 2015

The new old import dialogue in Lightroom 6.3

Yet again, Adobe has launched a new version of Lightroom. It wasn't that long ago that I actually updated to the old new version of Adobe and this week it was time to update again. 

In the previous update Adobe introduced a completely new import screen. I thought the new import dialogue incredibly helpful. Especially for new users of Lightroom. But a lot of photographers didn't share my opinion. Lots of people didn't I think the new import dialogue at all. So Adobe decided to restore the old import dialogue in their latest update.

Here is how it works:

Go to the Libary and click on the Import button

The import screen appears and you can browse to pictures that are already your computer.

If you attach your camera or cardreader you can selected the images from that device. Next: select the images.

On the right site of your screen you have some options:

File handling
Here you have the opportunity to build (smart) previews, ignore suspected duplicates and add the pictures to a (new) collection.

File renaming
You can give your files a different name 

This can be very useful to give your files a logical name instead of the strange names your camera gives them

Apply during import
You can add keywords to the selected pictures. It's very important that you give your pictures keywords. It makes it easier to find your pictures.

In the metadata you can tell who you are and who is the owner (who has the copyright) of the pictures.  

If you don't have a set up for your metadata click on new, give it a name and fill in the fields.

Last thing you can do in that part is to use a Develop Setting during the import. For example add some contrast or increase the saturation. 

This is the location where you want to store your images

This option is not available when your pictures are already on your computer.

When your done, click on Import and Lightroom does the job for you. 

In the upper part of the screen you can also choose to copy the files as a DNG (Adobe's Digital Negative). In that case it's still a Raw file but smaller. And it's always compatible with the Adobe products.

When your pictures are already on your pictures you just have the possibility to Add. 

So go out and import! Wishing you a fabulous weekend and we will be posting again on Monday!

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