Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tutorial: make a drawing from a picture

Trying something new, forces you to grow. So this post is about something that was completely new to me. Until today.
Taking it from the top, I'm showing you how to make a photo into looking like a drawing. And believe me, it's real easy! 

1. It all starts with opening a picture in Photoshop

2. Then you make a copy from the background layer using CMD J (CTRL J in Windows)

3. Now desaturate this layer (layer 1), using CMD + SHIFT + U  (CTRL + SHIFT +U in windows) / menu: Image > Adjustments > Desaturate)

4. Then copy the layer

5. And invert the layer with CMD i (CTRL i in windows)

6. Now change the blending method of the layer to Color Dodge

7. And add Gaussian blur (menu: Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur / It's up to you to choose a radius. To each his own, pick what you think works best for your drawing

Voila! There's your drawing! 

To add a little bit of spice to it, you can add a lined paper as background. I have to say, I did erase some lines I didn't like in the drawing. I used a white brush to do so. 

Now, moving on to adding a lined paper to the drawing: 

1. Open a picture of a lined paper

2. Move the paper, using the move tool, to the drawing

3.  Make the lined paper bigger with the free transform tool (CMD T,CTRL T in windows)

4. Chang the blending mode to Multiply

Now if you want, this is the moment to paint your image. First make a copy of all layers CMD + Opt + SHIFT + E). Now you can paint with a brush with a low flow. Or you can lower the capacity of the layer to create a cool effect. 

I didn't fancy doing some painting in my drawing, so let me show you my end result. 
A drawing of a soccer girl. 

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