Friday, April 7, 2017

How to jump high in the sky in Phototoshop

How to make someone jumping really high in the sky?.  Just follow this steps.

Open the image

Duplicate the background and make a selection of the girl (with for example the quick selection tool). Use select and maks to refine the selection. Choose 'New layer with layer Mask'  for the output

Deselect the top layer and unlock the background layer.

Remove the girl form the background layer. There are lots of way to do it.  Use the clone stamp, select the girl and use content aware fill or the spot healing brush.   Take your time and see how you can get the best result.

Now we should get more space in the upper part of the image.  Use the Clone stamp to make more space. 

Fill it with more sky. To do this can use Edit > Content aware scale or select the top part of the sky with the Rectangular Marquee Tool and extend it using Free transform.

Make the top layer active again and select the girl (not the mask). With the move tool (v) you can move the girl higher in the frame.

And now the girl is high in the sky.

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picture from pixabay

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