Sunday, January 15, 2017

Photoshop Quicktip, Blending mode short cuts

If you are working with blending modes, and off course you do, you can use shortcuts for them.

Here is how it works.

Open your image and duplicate the layer (Cmd or Ctrl J).

If you want for example darken it you can use the multiply blend mode.  In that case you can use the shortcut Alt Shift M (first letter of the blend mode) or if you using Windows Option Shift M. And now your top layer is in the Multiply Blend mode.

So use the Alt Shift key and the first letter of the blend mode to change the blend mode. (Use Ctrl Shift and the first letter on Windows.)

So for Screen you use 'Alt Shift S' and for Overlay 'Alt Shift O' etc..

Easy and simple.

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