Friday, June 3, 2016

How to earn money on the net with your pictures

There's so many possibilities to earn money with your pictures on the net. There are a few things to keep in mind: deliver quality, deliver quality, deliver quality and be persistent. 

I guess you've all come across some of the best known stockphoto sites like: 
And there are heaps more!  

Have a look at the pictures on these sites to see what they're after. And then go out and shoot some yourself. You might already have good quality pictures in your portfolio that are worth loading up to a stockphoto agency. 

With most of the (good) sites, your pictures get reviewed before they're actually put up for sale. Each site has their own review criteria, but don't worry, you'll get familiair with them over time. All the sites are after good quality pictures that have a great composition and are pinsharp. Besides loading up your pictures, you also need to pay attention to filling out the right keywords. Right as in the right language (sometimes only English is allowed), describing your image best. 

There are sites where you can upload with the whole reviewing business: 
The key to seling your images via stockphoto sites is to upload great pictures on a regular basis. Pinsharp, well-composed, standing out from the crowd. It takes time to build up a portfolio at each of these sites, but stick with it! It's worth it in the long run!

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