Thursday, April 28, 2016

How to work with Long Exposure in cycling images

So I'm really happy in our new home country Sweden. The only thing (besides moorkoppen en kroketten) I miss are the Amsterdam city scenes. So when we had the chance to visit Holland just a couple of weeks ago, I was excited to have the opportunity to shoot some city images again, especially some bike shots. 

As a sports photographer it's pretty easy to make a panning shot of a bike and have everything pinsharp. Just use a very fast shutterspeed  (in this case 1/2500) at something like F4.  

But this time I wanted something different. I wanted to see the movement of the biker in the city environment. So I needed a slower shutterspeed. I tried shutterspeeds of around 1/30. And because I used lower shutterspeeds I went with a diafragma of F10 or smaller (F22).

I tried it on several locations in the city and I have to say I'm pretty happy with the results

In Lightroom I did some post processing. It's important that the face is sharp. Adding a vignette and removing strong colours in the background can be a great help to get (more) focus on the biker.

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